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From rail yard rehabilitation and maintenance projects, to drainage, ballast and sub-ballast work, to new rail tracks, crane rail systems and bridges, to railroad crossings, switches and gates, Southern National Track does all this and more.

image of crane rail work   image of railroad welding  image of passenger rail assembly  crane rail at Mosaic in Bowling Green Florida
Progress Energy - Crystal River FL                     Rail Weld - Jacksonville FL                                  Passenger Rail Assembly - Miami FL             Crane rail - Bowling Green FL


Amtrak's Sanford FL Rail Yard

This track and rehabilitation project included 11 new track switches and 10 new crossings.  5400 feet and 22 switches were resurfaced.  Two-hundred-thirty orgo-thermic type rail welds were utilized.  Finally, there was extensive yard paving including crew walkways.

CSX Haines City FL

This one-year project included 4.5 miles of new track and a new rail bridge over a highway.

Florida Rock/ Vulcan Industries

This eight-month project included nearly 30,000 track feet, sub-ballast and drainage installations and 23 new switches.  Precast concrete was installed for the car loading station (for the collection of runoff from stone wash water as it loads into rail cars).

Hitachi Rail Corp

This installation comprised 270' pair of tracks in a  recessed service pit for a new passenger rail car assembly building in Miami. We also installed ~5200 feet of direct fixation rail and six switches, including a double Cross-over.

Jacksonville Port

This recent $6 million project included replacement with 4.2 miles of new track on steel ties including 19 new switches and 21 road crossings.

Kennedy Space Center

This eight-month project was to replace the bridge approach span ties for nearly 3000 track feet on the railroad bridge over NASA's Intercoastal Waterway.  Timbers were replaced on the bridge lift span.  All walkways and hand railings on the bridge spans leading to the draw bridge were replaced.  There were no injuries or safety violations during this difficult project.  SNT previously performed maintenance on 60 miles of KSC owner rail lines. 


This five-month project included 1800 feet of continuous concrete pour, 3200 track feet on wood ties, 4 switches and 3 crossings.

Mosaic:  Mosaic Agrock & 4 Corners, Mosaic New Wales Chemical Plant, Mosaic South Fort Meade mines for track maintenance.  Also serving Mosaic Big Bend marine terminal on a monthly basis.

Progress Energy

This $8 million recently completed track project included replacement of over 5 miles of track with new 136# welded rail, new ties, and ballast.

Progress Energy

This four-month project was for a new rail yard and lead track for Urea rail car unloading.  There is over 9000 track feet including lead-in track, 4 new road crossings and 2 new switches with gates and flashers, as well as all road bed grading, drainage work and sub-ballast installation.

Progress Energy

This scope of work included installing a new welded, direct fixation crane rail system for a new covered materials handling system.  Sixteen-hundred lineal feet of crane rail and raised rail bearing plinth pad-rail support systems were installed.  Crane rails were welded together using the orgo-thermic rail welding process.  Also installed 1600 lineal foot crane rail system for barge coal unloading dock.  The old system was removed and replaced with an upgraded 135 # welded crane rail.  Finally, continuous rail bearing sole plates cast on 2" of 15k psi epoxy grout was installed.

Tropicana Products

This seven-month project was to construct new lead tracks and a rail serving yard for orange juice unit trains.  It included 4400 track feet, 10 switches and 7 crossings.

Indiantown Cogeneration Power Company

Four miles of track with 12 track switches and one timber deck RR bridge.


Track Maintenance Contract.  Rail support base replacement using custom poured epoxy grout bases at Mosaic South Pasture Mine in Bowling Green FL.

Having been awarded all four Georgia ports as well as Jaxport for track maintenance contracts, SNT now has a permanent crew headquarters in Savannah GA.  7400 Abercorn St, Ste 705-323, Savannah GA 31406.

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