Railroad Crossings, Signals, and Platform Crossings.

Southern National Track crossings

Concrete Platform Railroad Crossings

Southern National Track builds solid concrete ‘platform’ style railroad crossings with a TEN YEAR warranty! This type of railroad crossing transfers 100% load bearing to the road base! Compare that with typical wood tie crossings that permit — at best — 50% weight bearing transfer from the wood ties that will eventually fail.

We have installed over 150 platform railroad crossings in Florida alone over the past ten years. Southern National Track has installations of this type in active rail lines that are still performing well up to 20 years later! We also currently have a two-year contract with CSX to install platform railroad crossings on CSX lines.

Southern National Track is a railroad contractor performing new track construction and is a track repair contractor.

  • Reconstructs all types of railroad crossings using concrete, rubber, steel, wood, or asphalt highway surfaces
  • Installs continuous poured concrete crossings for heavy industrial applications
  • Installs and maintains any type of railroad crossing signalization system
  • Meets the needs of new track construction and railroad track maintenance and repair alike!