Expert Track Maintenance.

If you need a reliable railroad construction company with a reputation for performance in railroad surfacing, rail construction, railroad track repair and track maintenance, Southern National Track is the clear leader. We bring deep expertise and years of experience to four critical areas of railroad work:

Track Construction

Railroad Track Construction. Southern National Track excels at all types of railroad track and switch construction, from industrial tracks to complex switching leads and welded rail running tracks and yards.

Grading & Drainage

Track Roadbed Clearing, Grading, Sub-grade & Sub-ballast, and Drainage. Southern National Track has the experience to perform all types of track roadbed and railroad surfacing in preparation of your track project.

Crossings & Platform

Railroad Crossings, Signals, and Platform Crossings. Southern National Track expertly reconstructs all types of railroad crossings using concrete, rubber, steel, wood, or asphalt highway surfaces

Crane Rail

Crane Rail and Direct Fixation Track. Southern National Track installs and repairs port and industry type crane rail systems using direct fixation or epoxy grouting installation techniques.


Southern National Track is certified in all types and aspects of railroad track construction, including new welded rail; wood, steel, and concrete ties; new rail yards; and production track surfacing.

Serving the Southeast

Southern National Track proudly serves clients in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and beyond.


Clients who continue to rely on Southern National Track for professional track services include Amtrak, CSXT/TDSI, Jacksonville Port, Port/West Palm Beach, Port of Miami, Seminole Power, Pacific Gas & Electric, Progress Energy, LaFarge, Rinker/Cemex Materials, Tarmac/Titan Materials, NASA – Kennedy Space Center, and Florida Rock/Vulcan and more.

Why Choose Us?


Our field managers alone bring over 150 combined years of track construction experience to every project, primarily in Class I railroads.

State of The Art Equipment

We use state of the art track production surfacing equipment to create or adjust all types of track geometry scenarios.

24-hour Emergency Service

We offer 24-hour emergency service and car re-railing capabilities.