Railroad Track Construction.

track construction

Southern National Track is a railroad construction company, performing all types of certified track construction used world-wide. We perform all types of railroad track and switch construction including concrete, steel, wood, and plastic ties — main line, industrial and transit; complex switching leads and welded rail running tracks and yards. New welded rail track construction — we can field fabricate and install new welded rail trackage at any location, for all types of railroad-related facilities.

We can also assist you with the conceptual and design requirements of your railroad track project; as well as railroad track repair and industrial track maintenance. We know railroad track construction and we know railroad switches!

Southern National Track has been with the Port of Palm Beach under a contract since August 20, 2009. Our Maintenance Department personnel, who have worked diligently with Southern National Track, have much respect for the work they perform on the tracks at the Port of Palm Beach District. When an emergency arises, they are at the Port at an adequate time frame and any work needed at the Port, they deliver promptly.

Thomas J Lundeen
Deputy Port Director, Port Engineer
Port of Palm Beach District