Distributor of New Railroad Drainage Technology.


Stormwater runoff and standing water in tracks and yards is an expensive and unsafe problem. Eliminate these age-old problems and increase worker safety and overall track stability by installing HydroBloxRR. Southern National Track is proud to be a distributor of HydroBloxRR, the new railroad drainage technology.

Non Clogging & Environmentally Friendly

Fast and easy to install, HydroBloxRR uses advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater without clogging. HydroBloxRR is a permanent solution that is superior to traditional methods for solving standing water and runoff problems in railroad applications.

Energy & Environment

HydroBloxRR is made with a low-energy process from 100% recycled material.


HydroBloxRR is installed in a fraction of the time and cost with less disturbance than traditional wrapped pipe of trench drain systems.

Planning & Maintenance

Engineering is streamlined, and future maintenance is virtually eliminated.

Return on Investment

By lowering installation costs by 75% and reducing future maintenance, HydroBloxRR increases you ROI, saving you money.