Southern National Track Services

Crane Rail and Direct Fixation Track.

Southern National Track installs and repairs port and industry type crane rail systems using direct fixation and or epoxy grouting installation techniques.

  • Construction and repair for all types of industrial rail systems and industrial track maintenance
  • Repair rail unloading pits and overhead crane rail systems

Concrete Track Construction

  • Port Crane Rail – Experts in Port Crane Rail Installations using direct fixation or epoxy grout casting techniques
  • Direct Fixation – Rail mounted directly to concrete or raised plinth pad
  • Iron Horse Style Embedded Track – Utilizing the industry standard Iron Horse steel tie/ poured concrete system
  • Concrete tub style railroad crossings – All of our 100% concrete tub style railroad crossings with no wood ties come with a 5-year warranty
    • All types of crane runway rail systems come with a 5-year warranty.